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    InDesign, Export to PDF with 300DPI image results in 21600DPI image?

    mariog69599891 Level 1

      I place a 300 DPI Bitmap (B&W, 1-bit) image into an InDesign document, export it to PDF, and in Acrobat Print Preview it shows as 21600 DPI.  Is anyone else seeing something similar, or able/unable to recreate the issue?  Thanks in advance.  (Note, the final PDF looks and prints properly, it's just that on inspection the DPI is wrong, and I fear that the recipient might take issue with the PDF files).


      1. I Create a 300x300 pixel image, at 300 DPI, as a bitmap B/W image, and save as TIF

      01 CreateBitmap.JPG
      2. I create a new InDesign document, and place the Black and White image into the document.

      02 PropertiesInDesign.JPG
      3. I export the InDesign document as PDF/X-1a

      03 PDFExport.JPG
      4. I open the PDF with Acrobat DC, Print Production, Output Preview, Object Inspector.

      04 PropertiesAcrobat.JPG