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    Adobe Stock Cancellation


      I signed up for the 14 day free trial of adobe stock and realized I wouldn't be getting much use out of it so I tried to cancel for a couple hours, it was difficult, but finally I thought I was able to do so. Now I look at my account information to see that I have been billed twice for $30 in the past two months. I have downloaded one photo during the 14 day trial and I won't get any use personally from this service. I have been an adobe customer for a while and I will continue to use photoshop and lightroom. I want to cancel my subscription but the fee is astronomically expensive and I can't afford it. I need my subscription cancelled and the fee waved, I have been a loyal customer for years. It was very unclear I would be bound as part of a subscription service contract and it was very difficult to cancel during the trial period.  I have already paid for the months I have used it. Please cancel my membership and waive the cancellation fee.