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    ColdFusion11 & ActiveDirectory 2012 R2 Native Mode

    paraih1 Level 1

      Does CFLDAP on CF 11 support talking to ActiveDirectory 2012 R2 in Native Mode?  Asking for a friend.


      I would think so, but a sysadmin is asking because they're upgrading a box and apparently don't have one to test the upgrade path before the production upgrade....


      Thank you!


      Server ProductColdFusion
      Operating SystemUNIX 
      Adobe Driver Version5.1.3 (Build 000094) 
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          nic_tunney Adobe Community Professional

          As LDAP is a protocol, I do not know why it wouldn't work.  Looking in the docs, it doesn't look like the format of the CFLDAP tag has changed since CF 8, so the code would presumably run when transferred.  Perhaps the best course forward would be to install a developer version of CF11 locally somewhere and attempt to connect to the LDAP server.



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