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    Cannot get 92MB flash video to play on server

    /forrest/ Level 1
      I've done this numerous times locally, but this is the first time I've done such a large video for play on a web server.

      I have a 92MB FLV (640x480 700k.) Using Flash 9.0 I created an AS3 FLA and imported the FLV. I gave it one of the stock players, positioned it in the scene (it's the only thing in the scene) and changed autoplay to false. Then I published it and the HTML. Viewing the HTML locally, it plays fine. Once on the web server, I can view the browser activity and it loads the 92MB FLV but the progress indicator displays perpetual loading stripes.

      I have the SWF set to reference the FLV in the same directory. Meaning, the source is simply the name of the FLV.

      Here's where it gets really odd. I did the same thing with a 48MB FLV and it works fine. Both are encoded the same other than the 48MB FLV is 400x300 @ 350k. I uploaded it (with the player swf, and AC file of course) to the web server and it plays perfectly. It downloads as it plays.

      So I took that FLA, saved as, changed the source of the FLV to the 700k file, resized the scene, positioned the FLV and hit publish. I made no other changes from the 350k file. I uploaded the swf and HTML and it still wont play. I've tried three browsers on two different machines... same issue on all.

      Any ideas why it wont play? It plays locally and when linked to a smaller file.