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    relinking files from idml to indd

    lisabonhardie Level 1

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a file made in 3rd party software (Pixellu SmartAlbums) and it is exported as a IDML file.  When in comes into Indesign CC, it happily morphs into an INDD file and everything is great until I go to make the captions.   It says that the files are all linked, but the caption field that I need (created in Lightroom) comes up completely blank.   After relinking a file,  the caption field comes up beautifully.   So the answer seems to be to relink all the files, but ID doesn't want to let me.  It will allow me to relink a file 1 by 1,  but any "update all links" is greyed out.    I have thousands of linked files so doing it one at a time is not feasible.


      Sometimes when I first opened the document it would prompt me with the "some links are missing, wanna relink?"  and then the problem was solved, so I have no idea how to get that prompt.  


      Anyone have any good ideas or has confronted the same problem?