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    Latest LR CC version for LR Mobile

    John 4641

      I am trying to use LR Mobile. I have installed app on iPhone 7 and appears to be working, though it is not showing all photos I have on the phone (not my main issue at this time). I think I have uploaded those I see to the cloud.


      However, when I try to open LRM from LR on my iMac it tells me I need Upgrade 4999.

      I have checked in the CC app and I would appear to be running LRCC (2015). In System Info CC2015.3 (1052427). Somewhere on the internet I saw mention of a higher version being required for LRM (I think it was CC2015.12). I have tried to download this but am told I am up to date.


      Please advise.


      Thank you


      John B