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    Publishing Online - InDesign - What happens if you cancel your account?




      I'm making some catalogs and promotional material using inDesign, and I just published them online.  I only paid for 1 month of the inDesign subscription bc it's not something I will need to use again for awhile.  Once my month of InDesign ends, will the PDF's that I published via InDesign still be available?  How long does that link stay active? I do pay the for yearly Photoshop+Lightroom package, so I will still have the Adobe Creative Cloud account.



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          BarbBinder Adobe Community Professional

          From Publish Online FAQ: (my notes in italics)


          How long will Adobe host my Publish Online documents?

          For paid Creative Cloud memberships, including All App and InDesign Single App plans, Adobe will host Publish Online documents until you delete them.  (To me, this says no to the Photoshop+Lightroom package—you need to purchase all the All App subscription or the InDesign-only subscription.)


          What happens to my published documents if I cancel my membership?

          Your documents will continue to be hosted on Adobe servers for at least 90 days after your membership expires. Adobe may choose to stop hosting after the 90-day period. (90 days is the answer to your first question.)


          Is Publish Online included with a free Creative Cloud membership?

          Yes, you can use all the features of Publish Online with a free Creative Cloud membership and an InDesign free trial. After your free trial ends, Adobe may stop hosting your documents after 90 days unless you convert your trial to a paid membership.