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    Indesign 2017.1, link but only data not frame


      hi everyone,

      someone please guide me on how to link only the data from the content collector and not the frame color.

      We have multiple linked frames from one frame.

      All the linked frames are supposed to have different color. When i update the original frame all linked frames change to the original frame color. is there a way to stop this?

      I know i can manually change the colors once all the data is updated BUT that is lots f efforts. we have nearly 30+ such frsames



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          amaarora Adobe Employee


          What i understand, you are using the place and link feature of InDesign... controlling the options through content collector strip.

          You can manage what all is linked when you use this feature. By default, both the data and the "original frame" color of the original frame are linked to the new frames. You can however change this from the "link options" dialog.

          1. Open the links panel and go to the context menu.

          2. Choose links option

          3. Turn on the "appearance" setting since we want this to be preserved.

          4. Try place and link now. Add paper color to the original frame. Place and link it and change the color of the new frame. Change the data in the original frame and update the new frame.

          You will see that now the frame color of the new frame is preserved. Below screenshot shows two frames (linked frame is upto date) that have only their data linked and not the frame colors.



          I hope this works for you.




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            oscaro92570600 Level 1

            Thank you!!!!! that saved me hours.