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    Need help big time!


      I use InDesign to create a very important booklet.  I export the document to PDF so that I can break it into individual pages and convert it to WORD.  I then send it to the participants so they can provide edits to me for the new year.  Everything was fine in May; now as of July, the conversion to WORD comes over really messed up and it would take hours for me to get it to a point to have the individuals make edits.  I did notice that on the May conversion from PDF to WORD, it gave me an option of what version of WORD I wanted (Word 97-2004).  This was the best version to use because other choices caused formatting issues.  Now, the options says WORD 97-2003 and the document is a total mess.  I need help badly.  This is the only way I can get an editable copy of my document to my participants and it is not working.  I am using a MAC with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2017

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          Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

          If an update to Acrobat DC changed the way your documents are converted to Word, I would consider that a bug. You can report bugs here: Feature Request/Bug Report Form


          Unfortunately, there are no controls that would change the way the conversion routine does it's job, so it either works or it does not work.


          Sometimes it helps to save the PDF file as a set of high resolution (e.g. 600dpi) images, then import these images back into Acrobat, run OCR and then export to Word or Excel again.

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