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    Switching Creative Cloud Accounts


      Hi there,


      i'm just wondering if i switch accounts on my ipad apps (ie from a work account to personal creative cloud) will i lose all the artwork on my apps?

      Or are they saved to the device rather than the CC account itself?




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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Loni.


          You won't "lose" the work, but you won't have access to it, because work isn't saved to the device it's saved to the account.


          Are you wanting to share work between accounts? Because you can do that.


          To share a project:

          * From the Project view in the app choose the project you want to share (you should be able to see all the drawings in the project but not all your other projects)

          * Tap the Share icon (square with an arrow) in the upper nav and choose Share Link to Project

          * Open that link with your second account and save it.


          Will that work for what you're wanting to do?



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