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    mp3 file stream not working in android

    qasid commons



      I'm using the audio html5 object to play audio files stored on amazon s3.

      It works fine in the html site and in the iOS build but on android, the file does not load.

      Here is a snippet of my code:

      {in the variables declaration section}


      audioPlayer = new Audio();

      {After the doc is ready}

                      audioPlayer.src = audioURL + lessons[thisItem].audio;


      I call the audioPlayer.play() on button click.


      I have not included any plug-in in the config.xml file?
      Is there anything else that needs to be done to have audio play back from a url in android?

      When I have the audio files, included in a local directory, it works fine on both iOS and android but then, my app becomes too big