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    external w3d file not loading once in the server


      i have my director file that loads external files in w3d format, but they are not loading once i upload them in the server,

      they load on my local computer, but they stop loading once in the server,

      I have done some research, and I found out that there have to be some 'correct mime types' you can read this thread here: http://director-online.com/forums/read.php?3,19629

      my question is: How do I change these mime types in the server? or what should i do to make my w3d files load?
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          DAVID NAJAR Level 1

          First check your extension names it most be ".w3d" and not ".W3D" or ".w3D". Second your shockwave 3d files must to be on a folder called "dswMedia" for security reasons on the server. Any external file you need for your movie online most to be there.

          At last, before you send any command to your loaded .w3d file inside your movie be shure to check it´s member estate, if you tray to do something with it and isn´t ready this generate problems or simply does nothing halting your movie.

          Have a nice day.