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    Lightroom 6 - RAW files color display problem




      I experience problems with colours of imported RAW images into Lightroom 6 - imported photos are very desaturated - for example in Zoner Photo Studio RAWs looks completely different (vibrant and saturated). II have chcecked setting in Zoner and photos are displayed in Adobe RGB.

      Also, what is strange, small thumbnails when importing into LR looks simiar to what is dispalyed in Zoner, but after importing display is desaturated.

      I am not completely sure, but if I recall well I haven`t got this problem before. The only thing I have changed is purchase of new monitor.

      Can anyone suggest solution? I would be grateful.


      Thanks in advance for your help! Marcin

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          dj_paige Level 10

          There's no reason to think that two different software will display RAWs the same, and I can't state what Zoner is doing as I have never used it.


          LR shows you thumbnails of your RAWs first based upon the JPG that is embedded in the RAW file, and often the JPG appears to have much higher saturation and contrast than the RAW itself, because the JPG was edited by the camera to be more saturated etc. Once Lightroom has time to render its own version of the RAW, (and by default no edits are applied), you then see that version with no edits applied. There is no way to turn this off.


          If you want, you can tell LR to apply a preset when you import that automatically bumps up the saturation or contrast or whatever you'd like.

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            himals28792312 Level 1



            Thanks a lot for your explenation. It expalins a lot.


            With all the best, Marcin