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    Hyperlinks: a full type line is selected, only part of the line shows the hyperlink

    ceilr Level 1

      I am using InDesign 5.  My OS is Windows 10.


      I selected the entire, last type line in a Table of Contents, then right-clicked and selected Interactive.

      In the dialog box, I selected a page number and chose the page.

      When I made the .pdf, and mouse over the type line, the first two words show no linkage, then the little pointing hand shows up across the rest of the type line.  Why won't the front end of the type line reflect the link?

      I just looked at the Hyperlinks video tutorial (I didn't know there was an "Interactive for PDF" option at the top of the ID screen, so that's on now), and while it is straightforward, it doesn't address this question.  I selected the text again and opened in the Hyperlinks panel, but >cannot< select the Create Hyperlink button; it shows a slashed circle. Is this because part of the text is already linked?


      Another thought: All the other type lines in my ToC were linked long ago, and this last type line is a new and recent addition.  Because the previously last line is already hyperlinked, does pressing Return to create the new type line somehow carry the hyperlink over to the new type line or otherwise confuse the function?  Is there a way to break the hyperlink so I can start over?  (My only other option is to--ugh--retype the TofC and start afresh with all of the links.)  I don't see a way to break a link, and none of the hyperlinks I made some time ago appear in the Hyperlinks panel.  I sense that I have done something wrong, even though the hyperlinks work in the .pdf. (via PDF Interactive).  If only those two words on the last line would link!


      Not sure what to do and hoping someone here can help.  Thank you.