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    Frozen 0% Photoshop Save


      Currently in PS frozen on a 0% save, have tried to duplicate all layers into new document however still stuck on 0%.


      Normally I would just restart, however this project has not been saved since starting- and have invested 10+hours into it. 50+ layers of work. Rookie mistake. Is there any way to salvage? A way to copy all layers elsewhere, close program then paste in?


      Have gone through past threads however no luck on answer.




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          Akash Sharma Adobe Employee

          Hi Elizabeth,


          I believe that there is one content in the project that is either missing or corrupt, leading to the freezing of the app later. This could be a missing asset or an error in the layer.

          Could you visit each layer and its contents individually and check if any of them? Reverting to an earlier saved state of the project would help diagnosing.