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    InDesign Server does not close "indesign-xml.tmp" on OSX


      i got a script that runs fine on windows but runs only once on OSX and crashes on every following try till InDesign Server is restarted.


      Note that indesign-xml.tmp is not a filename my script uses but seems to get created by InDesign Server (and never closed?)


      the Errormessage:

      Fehlernummer: 9491

      Fehlerzeichenfolge: In die Datei "indesign-xml.tmp" kann nicht gespeichert werden, da sie bereits geöffnet ist.

      (rough translation: the file "indesign-xml.tmp" can't be saved, because it is already opened)


      the Line of Code that causes the Problem:

      myXmlElement.exportFile(ExportFormat.XML, filename); // filename gets randomly generated so it is not indesign-xml


      Version of InDesign Server:

      CC2017 - OSX


      Has anyone else encountered this Problem before?


      The export is only used to stringify an already existing XmlElement. is there maybe a better way to do so?


      Thanks a lot in advance