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    Type Tool + Device Preview make Photoshop locks up

    Suke Tran

      Hello everyone, I'm currently using Photoshop CC 2017 and I have a very annoying tickler.


      Let's say I'm creating an mobile app design and click Device Preview to test if it looks good on the actual screen, then I choose Type Tool and click some text to edit => Photoshop immediately locks up, I can't click anything, can't Escape or Commit text, can't Save document or Quit Photoshop, all the toolboxes disappear...


      The only thing I can do is to Force Quit Photoshop, and my work lost =.=


      Does anyone else experience this situation?



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          Hi. We are some designers at our office that experince Photoshop locking up as you describes. In our cases, it doesn't only happen when Device Preview is active. We've, the past 6 month, been struggeling with trying to find a solution. Three of us even got new macs, but it keeps happening. It also happens in new documents, both saved locally and unsaved. It seems like though, that it happens mainly when heavy files are open.


          This can happen when photoshop has been open for 5 seconds, and it can happen when it's been open for several days. There's no pattern here. Sometimes it happens 10 times doing one hour – which quite frustrating.


          If this happens, our current workflow is to save using CMD+S, wait till the save process reaches 99% at the lower left corner. Go to the folder where the file you've opened is. Your file will not be saved, but a new file with a random file name (something like "Adobe Photoshop CC 201728428388552219") will be created. That file will contain the saved document.


          We're still looking for a solution for this huge issue.