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    Can't Export to cinema 4D

    matthew bowp77817339

      Hi everyone,


      I’m busy trying to export a 3D camera and solid to cinema 4D to create some 3D text. I have done this loads of times and now i keep getting an error message that says


      “ Unable to execute script at line 1. Expected: ) “


      As i said, this is something i have done plenty of times before. I updated my Mac to the latest OS sierra about a month ago and i’m not sure if that might be causing an issue? I have also found something on the forums about closing the library window to fix an issue like this with no luck.


      Personally i do not know much about scripts and have posted the error message for help on the forum before with no help or answer. I have also tried to chat with adobe support and just get sent the forum links every time.


      I’m starting to panic as i really need to get this text to a client.


      I’m working on a


      MacBook Pro ( Retina, 13-inch, Mid 2014 )

      Processor 2.6 Ghz intel Core i5

      Memory 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3

      Graphics Intel Iris 1536 MB


      It’s far from a beast but gets the job done.