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    Target implementation with Angular2 does not work

    KRAZ Level 1



      We have huge problems with the Target implementation since we updated from AngularJS to Angular2. Currently we are using Angular 4.1.3 and we implemented Target with the at.js (v 1.0.0) over DTM as a tool.


      In one of 5 cases it loads fine but during most of the cases at.js applies all changes from Target during the page load, Adobe Debugger shows the manipulation as successful, but after that the css file loads and overwrites the changes of Target again. Css file is included in the header of the pre-rendered html page.


      We have a Single Page Application but in all the examples the integration was always with Angular JS. I cannot implement the extensions like ngRoute because the module does not exist anymore in Angular2.


      We've also tried out to include at.js as page load rule on page top and bottom, with the same effect.

      The behaviour is depending on the browser, while firefox works best it usually never works in IE.


      Any ideas on how we can change the implementation to get it work?