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    Error- Assertion Failed when accessing Flickr


      I am using the latest Lightroom CC.

      When removing a large set of photos from the Flickr collection, and then "publish"ing , which then removes them from Flickr, I get the error that "an internal error has occurred: assertion failed".

      I get a large number of them, almost as many as the number of photos I am removing.

      But it doesn't show up with just a few photos.


      Does anyone know what that means? Has anyone else seen this?

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Does it happen when you try to upload a single photo to Flickr? Perhaps you need to re-authenticate with your Flickr account?



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            jimmsp Level 1

            I have no problem uploading to Flickr. And I have no problem if I remove only a few photos. This error only appears when I remove large batches of photos from the collection. I haven't run any detailed tests - and probably won't. For instance, I don't know what the upper limit of photos is with no error before the errors appear. I don't know whether it is only associated with files from an external HD (or not) vs photos on a faster SSD C drive.  From what I can find via searches is that this error is used by Adobe rather generically. It also appears a lot when folks have some read/write issues with a hard drive, like permission.