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    This file cannot be found


      Please can anyone help?


           I stupidly deleted all my images from my hard drive and folders into the the trash bin but realised my mistake before it was too late and didn't empty trash bin. My images are on my hard drive (somewhere) probably all over the place and I  don't know how to get them back into Lightroom.


           My computer knowledge is very basic to say the least.


      I still have these images on 3 compact flash cards and an iPad and was wondering if it would be easier retrieve the images  back into lightroom (although I don't know how to do this) or delete all images from my computer and reinstall them and start from scratch?


           Any advice on how to perform either of these operations would be gratefully appreciated !!!


      Lightroom version is CC and operating system is Mac El Capitan





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          dj_paige Level 10

          Restore the photo files to their original locations from your backups or from the copies you retrieved from the trash, or from the originals on the camera card/iPad. Simply copy them (using your operating system) back to the folder where they were before all of this happened.