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    Can`t see anything in my composition window?

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      I recently bought a new computer on work, and installed adobe CC on it.


      The problem I have: composition preview in after effects doesn't work. The whole area is either white, or grey. I can still do everything, make new layers, place a text, but I cant actually see what I'm doing.. I hope the picture below will give you a better idea of what this problem looks like.


      I've tried reinstall program, but that did not help either. I've also tried to downgrade to older version of after effect. At first, it work, but after closing program, and open program again, same problem. Also tried to totally remove CC, and reinstal everything again. It seemed to have worked, untill I restarted my laptop.

      Also tried clear caches, reset preferences, update gpu driver, even uninstall Sonic Suite, and all other fixes I found online, but that did not help either.


      So far, the only fix that I've come across with, is removing After Effects, delete all user preferences and instaling older version, and just don't close it until I finish what I had to do.Now I don't really see this as a fix, more of a temporary solution because I do need projects to finish in the meantime and I don't really look forward to delete and reinstal after effects several times a day..




      I'd really appreciate any advice   Thanks!