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    The product you requested cannot be found (or Are add-ons safe?)

    DeonOj Level 1

      Hello all,

      I recently tried to install a few Photoshop CC 2017 add-ons for the first time and of course some did nothing or failed to install, but the few that did install and work properly displayed a "You installed the Add-on "Filename"" notification instead of the "The Add-on failed to install" message in the CC app. The notification showed the filename as a link, so I click the link and was sent to a webpage with the following message for EVERY add-on that successfully installed: The product you requested cannot be found. Either this product does not exist or this account does not have access.


      Which leaves me with a few questions:

      1. Is this a normal thing?
      2. If I don't have access to the page why would Adobe include a link to it after installing?
      3. Is it just how the free add-ons function? i.e. Despite including a link ONLY purchased add-on links will take you to a product info page?
      4. If this is just a bug, can anyone tell me how/where to report it?
      5. Are add-ons still a thing or have I come late to the party?


      It's frustrating enough when an Add-on is listed as compatible with my system but fails to install, but this makes me wonder if it's safe to install Add-ons at all. This type of behavior makes me think Add-ons will soon be just another legacy feature.