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    Slow to import

    baiaz Level 1

      I have a few harddrive that I want to consolidate to one bigger harddisk.


      So now I have started to import to the new one. at first it was ok but now I have been waiting for the import/move for 2 days. still just half of them has been imported to the new harddrive. But I can wait....


      but is it getting slower the more photos you import? Now I have about 100.000 photos on that drive?

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          dj_paige Level 10

          If you are running out of space on the drive, then yes this could slow things down.


          However, it could also be some sort of hardware malfunction causing LR to go this slow.

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            Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

            I think it really depends on your hardware (disk drives and how they are connected).


            But, you'd probably be better off (from a time perspective) moving the photos into position on the new drive, then using the "Add" import method. That way, the physical moving of the files is handled by the OS with all possible speed, and the import operation is not slowed by the time taken to copy over the files.