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    Changing 'sitename' for all users

      Hi folks,

      Sorry to bother you. I am an administrator of a number of sites which I inherited. We have a lot of Contribute users who have access to different degrees to the various different sites (on different servers). However, the sitenames (which I guess are generated by contribute via the index page title?) did not make much sense and I've now tidied them up so that the title reflects more about what the site actually is. (Tried with first site) I was hoping that this would update how the site is referred to for contribute users, but the sitename remains the same. I've edited the contribute.xml file for the site on the server, cleared all of my keys and generated myself a new key but it is still the same. It is wrong in the actual key file even after it has been regenerated/resent and the only way I can see round it is to edit individual key files (.stc) but I don't want to have to edit this file for everyone I send a key to..... any thoughts? Have I missed something?

      many thanks!

      Karen Howie