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    How to fix the color difference between lightroom and Photoshop? - Help

    Marko_py Level 1

      I have the following problem, I guess its nothing new arround here, but I cant get the same color output between Photoshop and Lightroom.


      I develop in lightroom and for the minor touches I want to use photoshop, but the colors shift too much and i cant fix it.
      Have tried the following steps:
      - enable/disable CRTL+Y (Color proof)
      - change color profiles in SHIFT+CRTL+K  (Color Settings)
      - Export in diferent color spaces from lightroom to photoshop. (aRGB/aRGB - sRGB/sRGB)

      I dont know what to do... cant get a good match.
      Please help, and thanks for your time in advance.




      Aditional Info:

      - Original Raw taken in sRGB space.
      - Im reviewing the files in an 100% sRGB Monitor (Viewsonic VP2770)
      - Photoshop and Lightroom up to date (8/2017)




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          D Fosse Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom and Photoshop should always display identically. If they don't, there's a problem with the display profile. This can often affect different applications differently. You set display profile in the OS, and PS/Lr will use what they get from the OS.


          Don't change any color settings. That's not where the problem is.


          Windows "Photos" is not color managed and does not use the display profile at all. So it will never agree with PS/Lr - provided the profile is good, the latter are right and "Photos" is wrong. Don't trust it.


          And BTW, a raw file doesn't have a color space until it's encoded into one in the raw converter (ACR/Lr). The camera setting only applies to out-of-the-camera jpegs.