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    What Happened to Find then Delete a Page


      Coming from Adobe Acrobat PRO V7 I was FORCED onto V15 by virtue of upgrading to Windows 10.  I find this new adobe version to be several steps backwards from a productivity standpoint.


      For Example:  You have a pdf file with multiple pages. Lets say 100 or so.  In the old version you could find a string and present the found page. Right click to bring up page options then select delete to delete the page.


      The new version 15. THERE'S NO FIND OPTION. You've got to USE the ORGANIZE TOOL and scroll through it by HAND. Locate the page by eye then delete it. Horrible. Takes the product back to the stone age.


      When you're editing a pdf you should be able to find a page then delete it with a couple of clicks... when in edit pdf mode rather then having to bounce out and swap to the organize tool


      I'm finding there's are many counter-productive drawbacks to this product.  What ever happened to keeping a good thing good instead of changing it for the sake of change?