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    Add Print button to skin

    Lisa_Tsabari Level 1
      I'd like to allow users to print an online help topic. Can I add a Print button to a Webhelp toolbar? If so, how? What is the correct JavaScript command to use?
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          Hi Lisa and welcome to the RH forums. Try this link for the script. You can add a custom button to your toolbar using an icon of your choice and assign the javascript to it.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Welcome to our community, Lisa

            Unfortunately I don't believe it will be as simple as using the script Colum pointed you to. If you hop over to my web site at the link below and download my Skinny on Skins file, there is information inside that will assist with making it work.

            Click here to visit the site

            Colum, sorry bud, don't mean to bang on you. The script you pointed her to is fine if she wants to put a button or link on each page. What I outline in my Skinny file is for placing a button on the WebHelp toolbar. To do this, you have to have additional code pointing to the correct frame of the WebHelp frameset.

            Cheers all... Rick
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              Lisa_Tsabari Level 1
              Thanks to you both. I tried both of these answers. The one that worked was Rick's answer. Your site is great Rick. Thanks!
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                CFedarko Level 1

                I got your information downloaded for the changes. Problem is though, that when I try to open the Skins file for editting, Edit is not an option.

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                  RoboWizard Level 4
                  Hi Christi

                  I'm confused. Are you trying to edit a WebHelp skin or a FlashHelp? If FlashHelp, this is why you aren't seeing an ability to edit. If WebHelp, I'm wondering if somehow you are in some bizarro read-only mode or something.

                  Cheers... Rick
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                    CFedarko Level 1
                    Hey Rick,

                    Was trying to edit FlashHelp - which explains it, I suppose. But, begs a secondary question of my skin showing the print button, but, it doesn't appear on the actual finished product.

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                      RoboWizard Level 4
                      Hi Christi

                      Have you tried double-clicking the Single Source Layout and working your way through the different dialogs to see if you have a check mark in the "Print" option?

                      Might be worth a double check.

                      Cheers... Rick
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                        mdelgrande Level 1
                        Hi Rick -
                        I tried your solution for adding a print button to the skin and it works well and it is really easy to do based on your instructions! Thanks for the valuable information!

                        I was wondering if you have an easy solution to print an entire book? My project has many books and I have several topics under each book and an overview topic for each one. I would like to be able to add a button or link that will allow the end user to print the entire book (anywhere from 2 - 9 topics)?

                        I am currently exporting the entire book to Word and then creating a .pdf and then I created a link back to the document. The entire project is updated often and I am trying to reduce the maintenance while still allowing the users to print the entire book. Do you have s simplier solution to print the entire book?

                        Many thanks - Manola
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                          MergeThis Level 4
                          Create smaller PDFs for each "chapter"? I can't imagine every user would need to print all the help.

                          Good luck,