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    Losing Print Presets


      We're having trouble holding print presets on an iMac, in which the disk was cleaned out and created anew. We use Creative Cloud Suite. Printer is a Ricoh production printer C5100s. In inDesign, the print presets are not holding for individual users, either they disappear or specs are changed inside them. Have set up presets when the dialog box is initially open, as well as inside the dialog box setting specific formats. This doesn't happen on our Mac Mini. Any thoughts?

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          Bill Silbert Adobe Community Professional

          To define print presets for InDesign as a preference open the program without any document windows open and go through the File menu to Print Presets to Define.

          PRINT PRESET.png

          In the Print Presets dialog choose New. The New Print Preset dialog will appear. Make all of the printer specific settings including the Page Setup and Printer options on the bottom of the dialog. When done click OK. Then in the Print Presets dialog which will still be there click on Save and save the new preset to your desktop. Then quit InDesign so that the change in preferences is complete. Take the file you exported to your desktop to all other users machines open the Print Presets on their machines and click Load. Navigate to the preset file from the other machine and click on Open. Once again quit InDesign to make it a preference on the new machine. Repeat on all other machines.

          Remember, the real trick here is not to have any document windows open and to quit InDesign after creating the preset. All of this also assumes that your Printer has been properly defined in the Printers and Scanners section of the System preferences.