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    Stopped Reading RAW Files


      Lightroom all of a sudden stopped reading my RAW Lightroom files. I use an Olympus EM1mkii and previously had no problems opening the files. I use CC and it is updated to the latest version. I can open RAW files inside photoshop in ACR with no issue.


      The error I get is 'file type not recognized' even photos I had previously edited now tell me that changes can not be made.


      Steps I have taken:


      1. Uninstalled Lightroom and deleted preferences

      2. Restarted

      3. Installed

      4. Ran disk utility



      I have even removed Photoshop, out of curiosity. I read on some forums other people were having this issue but it seem to be very sporadic. I'm not sure what else to do. I have the exact same setup on my personal computer and the files open fine. But I need this fixed on my work computer where I edit photos.



      I'm running a 15" MacBook Pro and all my software is up to date on it as well.