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    Import and replace doesn't seem to work properly....

    fredfx1957 Level 1

      I have two compositions. EXR and QT.
      QT's background layer is the EXR Compostion.

      The EXR and QT compositions are used for OUTPUT ONLY

      My comp work is done upstream of the EXR Composition and is the base layer of the EXR Compostion.


      I have a setup where I render the EXR Composition, and then once the .exr files are rendered I have it's output module set for "IMPORT AND REPLACE USAGE",


      What should happen is that the EXR Composition (which was just rendered)  should be imported and it's footage replaced, and another render automatically creates a QT from that EXR using a separate output module, render settings, and output destination.


      What SEEMS to be happening though, is that the QT output does a full re-render from the ground up before it imports and replaces the usage.

      Of course it takes WAY longer than just creating a QT from the .exr files.


      Is there a bug in Import and replace usage? Or is it not designed to work that way?


      Thanx in advance for your help!