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    How to creating a web banner in Flash CS3?

      Hi all,
      I'm very new to Flash CS3. Can anyone give me a step-by-step instructions on how to make a banner for a web-site? Or a link were i can find step-by-step instructions?
      I have googled it but found no real help. I have tryed "Youtube" hoping to even fine any one (most likely a child) with directions on how to do this. Funny thing is that it seems most 8 year olds are better at Flash CS3 than I am & i'm 45.
      Anyway, if you can help please make it simple or for the simple minded. :)
      Thanks to all!!
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          Catflea Level 1
          It all depends on what kind of banner you want...
          Images floating in from the side etc... tutorials on motion tweening.
          Person running... tutorials on character design.

          There are 1000's of sites out there... don't just search for CS3, most flash tutorials will do... if you want a hint go to kirupa.com or post back and I will find one for you.
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            spouthead Level 1
            I see your point! :)
            I guess that is part of my problem. I really don't know what i'm trying to do or what it is called.
            You see im doing an internship & the boss told me to do a flash banner 728 x 90 & gave me a few pictures to add to it & the company logo. So, that is all i have to go on & i don't know flash? So, do you have any suggestions on what i should look for & where to go to get help starting out?
            I will look up the web site you suggested.
            Thank you so much! You Rock!!
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              I understand your pain...I just posted a similar request earlier today for help but finally figured it out on my own. I've done lots of searching online and used Adobe's Flash Classroom in a Book and also took an online ed2go class and I still don't have a good handle on Flash. Nothing seems to give clear step by step directions on animating images for web banners. You just have to do a lot of trial and error. These websites may help if you don't have time for the classes:

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                I'm also a newcomer finding what I want to accomplish frustrating in nearly every instance. But I have
                found one source that you might try. It's http://www.learnflash.com/ and you may put questions to
                them in a chat box. I'm confident that your banner creation question is one they've dealt with in
                video tutorial material and may even have a free sample of, but their download option, versus a CD in
                the mail, makes much of their material very affordable and every subject area has free demo videos
                to allow you to judge their quality and suitability for your learning style. I have no connection with them
                beyond having bought several packages on disk and by download.

                David Hurdon
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                  spouthead Level 1
                  Thank you all for you help!
                  I just went out and bought another book on learning Flash CS3.
                  So, maybe between the book & the websites suggested I'll get it figred out.
                  I still think there is an 8 year old out there who could explane it in simple set-by-step terms for us old folks!