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    Sub-site question: redirect


      I have a sub site that has it's own domain but otherwise is just a modified skin for the existing website. The sub site, while reproduces or content, is a domain that my company does not own. The sub site is for a retailer who is no longer a licensed retailer for my company. Because the domain is not ours, I cannot easily do a redirect or the site. I'm wondering if there is a way for me to create a script in my site that can stop the sub-site from using my content.


      parent company domain: companyname.com

      sub-site that's cloning and reskinning our site: companynameretailercity.com


      Both domains licensed through same company. Sites are hosted on different web servers.


      I'm thinking this is a long shot. But thought I'd see what others may suggests. Ideally, I'd get the owner of the other domain to shut down his website. But that could take time and legal action.


      Thanks for any suggestions you may have.


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          BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You say,


          1. the two domains are independent and have separate owners
          2. the websites are hosted on different servers


          So I don't understand how you expect to exert influence on the other website by means of a script. Even if you could, it might be possible to bypass your script.


          Coming to an agreement with the owner seems to me to be the best solution.

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            WolfShade Level 4

            I have to agree with BKBK.  If the other site is getting data directly from your database, then you can just cut off access to the database.  But if the other site is "screen-scraping" your data, there is nothing you can effectively do to prevent it.  One thing that might slow them down would be to give a constantly changing ID to the container of the information on the page (div, span, table cell, etc) to throw off their script that grabs the data.  But this isn't foolproof.


            You don't say what country you are in.  In the United States, copyright laws don't require a website to post a warning ("Unauthorized use is prohibited.") in order to claim ownership, and the threat of legal proceedings are usually enough to get a copy-cat website to stop unauthorized use of data.  Sometimes, it has to go a little further and legal documents are filed with the court.  But even if it goes all the way to trial, the offending website is usually either forced to stop using the data, or it is shut down.


            In any case, to answer your original question, there is no "anti-copy" script that can stop unauthorized use of content.  The content is sent to a client system, and that client system can either display it in a browser, or put the code into a string and manipulate it for display on another system.




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