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    Help needed for an actionscript conflict

      Hi guy’s

      I am using flash 8 and actionscript 2
      I have a form done in flash. I have a button off the side of the stage with some actionscript on it so that several functions can be activated whenever the enter key is pressed. eg after filling in a form field many people press enter.

      on ( keyPress “<Enter>” ) {
      reSize( ) ;
      finalprice( ) ;
      showpanels( ) ;

      I also have some actionscript at in the frame the form is on to make several of the form’s fields conform to a TAB order.

      widthtext.tabIndex = 1;
      heighttext.tabIndex = 2;
      panels.tabIndex = 3;
      Button281.tabIndex = 4;

      I find both of these scripts work perfectly on their own.
      But the ‘keyPress <enter>’ script does not work in when the ‘TAB order’ code is there as well.

      Thank you in advance for any help