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    Screen Glitch


      For a scene in a movie i am working on i need to make a computer screen glitch. The shot is me and my friend sitting at a table with the computer bettween us, we start typing on the computer then the screen starts glitching out. How could I edit the screen to look like it is flickering then it glitches out? !@

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          foughtthelaw Adobe Community Professional

          2 routes you could take with this.


          first is to use a combination of effects to recreate screen artifacting. i'd start w/ fractal noise to make some kind of blocky texture. then I'd use that to drive a displacement map and compound blur. I might even add in minimax and venetian blinds to really gunk up the image. then you have to figure out timing. for glitching you could just apply the above to a single frame adjustment layer and slide that around as needed. or you can use expressions to turn things on and off, fluctuate the intensity.


          the other option is to throw money at your problems and buy a pre-canned plugin to do it.

          like this

          or this