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    Trying to add stylized text into photo


      Im trying to add text within this photo while maintaining the grain and character of the background - I want the text to replace the white pedestrian lines on the ground without interrupting the wires above the ground


      I have tried getting rid of the lines with the patch tool, but it comes out with a light white sheen. I have also done the Horizontal Type Tool while sampling from the photo itself, and the effect is still not what I want - anyone have a suggestion?yoel-j-gonzalez-304137.jpg

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          SJRiegel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This will be a multi-step process. You will need to

          Tightly select all of the wires that you want to remain, and move them to a new layer.

          Do some careful work with cloning, patching and content-aware fills to remove the existing pedestrian lines.

          Create your text and use the various distort tools to match the angle you want, and fill with sampled color.

          Use a bit of grain and blur (and possibly a small amount of transparency) to make the text blend with the underlying photo.


          Can you show what you have tried so far?

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            davescm Adobe Community Professional


            You can minimise the cloning by offsetting a duplicate of the layer and adding a layer mask hiding all. Then painting in some of the road from that offset layer over the white lines. In the example below I did this twice.

            There was still some cloning required.

            Place the text in a smart object then warp and distort it. Add a mask filled with noise and paint some of the text edges on the mask with black to make it look a little street worn

            A gradient fill clipped to the text layer  helps match the lighting

            Finally another duplicate of the background  - this time with no offset but with a mask revealing any missing wire sections



            I hope that helps to get you started



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              davescm Adobe Community Professional

              Alternatively you could do all of the above to get rid of the white lines , but put the text in as a 3D extrusion