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    How can I make a stretching arm without stretching its hand




      I'm having some problems, and hope anyone can guide me through them, thank you in advance.


      Problems I'm facing:

           1. The arm stretches just fine, but the hands go nuts, I know the arm is doing it, but since it's a simple shape we won't notice it. So how can I make it follow the arm, but in a way that it doesn't stretch along with it;

           2. The sleeves are stretching too. I just want the arm to stretch.

           3. The sleeves are in front of the arm. I can't figure a way out to make the forearm go in front of the sleeve but still be attached to the upper arm.


      The scene goes like this:

           - Boy stretches its arm and grab the popcorn [ press C and V for popcorn and upside-down popcorn ]

           - Then he grabs some popcorn and eat it

           - End


      Character Animator_2017-08-02_15-46-13.png Character Animator_2017-08-02_15-48-28.png

      I got Pickupbot as an example, but it has the same problem I'm trying to avoid.

      Character Animator_2017-08-02_15-27-38.png


      Puppet file:

      Dropbox - Animeese_CharacterAnimator.puppet