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    Email about indexing my submission


      I received an email that stated  "We see that you’ve uploaded 3 assets to sell on Adobe Stock, but still need to index and submit them. It’s fast and easy and it’s also required for selling your work. As soon as you index and submit your assets, we’ll be able to review them for approval."


      I received this email after submitting several images, some of which were rejected and seven of which were reviewed, accepted, and added to my portfolio. If any of my steps involved only three photos I would know where I needed to do something, but that didn't happen. Could it be that the email was generated after 3 of them were added to my portfolio? If so, then I don't see where I left anything out. Each photo has a title, category, and at least six keywords.  Am I missing something obvious, or was it just a randomly generated email at some point before I completed all of the steps.


      My concern here is that there are three photos somewhere, perhaps given a vague reason for not being uploaded such as "technical error" but I don't know where to look.


      Thank you!