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    Alignment in Muse page preview


      Hi all,


      I'm having an alignment issue when creating a site. Note the far-right column with the picture and label JOHN'S ISLAND CLUB. At the moment, in the design window, all the elements are aligned properly to the guides.

      But when I preview it . . .

      The column shifts down. This occurs both in the internal Muse preview browser and in any external browser I test in (I.E., Chrome, Edge).


      This happens on other pages as well, always on the furthest right column.

      I've also noticed that as the preview loads (when the page is rendering), that column shows up first (the majority of the page is white) then as the render finishes the rest of the page pops up. Like this:

      Anyone have any idea as to what could be happening and how to fix it? Thanks.


      Here's an example online: Projects