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    ScriptUI and ESTK

    Roy Marshall Level 1

      Hi All.


      I was looking at an old post Progress Bar bug. Summary of the situation and was getting concerned about the future for ScriptUI.

      Is there any update on the ongoing support of this valuable part of the Scripting toolbox?

      Also, and on a slightly different topic, with the ongoing removal of Flash form the CC2017 application (which I have no real opinion on) and with Adobes future end of life plan in 2020 for Flash, does this have any knock-on effect with ESTK? I know the main code editor is not, but the Object Model Viewer looks like it is Flex/Flash based.

      I would dearly love to see some attention put into the ESTK, or even somehow open it up so we can use VS Code as our editor. That is an AWESOME IDE in my humble opinion.


      Anyway, just had to see if anyone else has some insight on these two matters.