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    Lightroom Research: Learning Content

    axmelissarios1 Adobe Employee (Admin)

      Denesha James (deneshaj2093371) , a fellow Adobe employee, is currently facilitating a research project on learning content and would like to know your thoughts on the below questions and/or by filling out the survey linked below. If you have any questions, feel free to include that in a reply to this discussion.


      "Hello, everyone! I'm new to the forum and to Lightroom. But I am currently doing a research project on learning content. I wanted to know everyone's thoughts about the following questions:


      1. Do you believe the Lightroom learning content out on the web is trustworthy?
      2. Is it hard to find trusted learning content through performing searches on the internet?
      3. Where do you find the most helpful and trusted learning content?
      4. What keywords are you using with your search engines?


      Please complete the questions and visit the link to participate in a brief survey.