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    How to check two other boxes (or uncheck them) if I check another checkbox.


      I have an Adobe form with fields that have a parent, child relationship.   


      If I check (or uncheck) Check Box7  which is the parent,    which would indicate it is  Not Applicable,

      how do I get the Child checkboxes   (Check Box 8,  Check Box 9,  Check Box 10)  to check or uncheck?


      In addition,   a child should be able to be selected without selecting the parent or the other children Check Boxes.


      So if the Parent field is applicable,    but  Check Box 9 is not applicable,  I would need to be able to check just Check Box9 without

      it affecting any other check boxes.


      I tried some of the suggestions I found online but keep getting syntax errors and was not able to use them....


      Please help!