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    Is there a JavaScript API to save binary data to the hard drive



      I happened to have to work in a very old environment with Adobe Acrobat 7.1 installed, but I think even newer version does not have an API for this.


      Say I have some random data var data = 0xe3f2b1 and I want to save this data alone to the hard drive. Would there be a way to do this?


      I tried to convert to string, create data object and then export data object, like


      var str = String.fromCharCode(0xe3, 0xf2, 0xb1);

      this.createDataObject("MyData.dat", str);



      This ended up not saving any byte greater than 0x80 (not saving anything in extended ASCII range). If I have a byte 0xb0, it would be saved as 0x80.


      Just wondering is there any way to export random data out of the Acrobat? Even if emailing the data file out as an email attachment would be fine.