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    InDesign File not opening


      I was working on a proposal that took me about 2 days to make (mostly because I'm slow and new to InDesign). As I was making some final changes, InDesign closed on me but I had also just saved my work (when I say saved, I mean I saved it as an InDesign file but I never packaged it). Now, when I try to open it, a pop up box comes up saying: "Adobe InDesign automatic recovery failed the last time it tried to open the document "xxxxxxxxx file name". Do you want to recover "xxxxx file name" again? Click YES to begin recovery, Click NO to delete recovery data for this document, Click CANCEL to postpone all document recovery until later.

      I hit YES, and it kept loading for about 10 minutes and it never opened. Please tell me what to do. It si just this file that I am having problems with. Thanks!