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    Custom dialog boxes in Javascript

    KenWK Level 1

      We have a bunch of InDesign scripts written in VB and compiled to EXEs. I'd like to get some of them over to Javascript to make them more portable, but the dialog boxes are a huge hurtle for me, especially since I'm new to Javascript.


      A few years ago with Ventura Publisher (I still miss it!) Corel shipped CorelScript, which was pretty darn cool! CorelScript editor had a dialog box creator with a GUI for creating dialog boxes. While you were "drawing" the elements of the dialog, the dialog creator would, essentially, type the code necessary to build the dialog into the script .


      So, you worked with this:

      And into the script would go this:


      Does anyone know of anything out there that might do this similar thing for javascript dialog boxes that I can use in InDesign script?


      Many thanks,