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    Win10 Creator update + Production Premium CS6 issues






      I have the CS6 Production Premium, and the last updated version of After Effects CS6 64-bit on Windows 10 64-bit "Creator Update". My computer is a desktop 4+4 core i7 with 16 GB RAM.


      However, even with very simple projects I often get "AE Low on Memory" type messages and usually AE crashes when working together with Photoshop CS6.. This is ridiculous, as it worked perfectly on Windows 7 on much more complex projects and there is still a great amount of RAM available.


      Checked these: https://helpx.adobe.com/after-effects/using/improve-performance.html , so Multiprocessor is disabled.


      Is CS6 AE not reliable on Win10 "Creator update" ? Suggestions to make it stable?