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    Too small side panels in Lightroom 4.1 after changing the bigger monitor

    Marek Dobias

      Hi there

      Two weeks ago I have changed from 22´´ the new 27´´ monitor. It works great but after this change there is a problem in Lightroom 4.1  Side panels for working with source photos are too small compare to main screen in the middle. It seems that The main screen has changed its proportions with bigger monitor, but side panels stood the same size as in the previous smaller monitor. It is not proportionally balanced.

      Even if I tried to drag and pull them into its maximum width, it is still not enough. The text there is just too small I even cannot read it. Even worse it is in Develop module, it is very difficult to work with curves or make other adjustments..   I´am also sending you a printscreen so you can see. My Photoshop CS2 encountering the same issue.

      The problem persist even after reinstal both softwares and trying variety of options for changing text size in screen´s menu of the Windows 10.

      What shall I do?   

      Many thanks for your help


      Snímka obrazovky (26).png