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    Opening photos from camera raw to photoshop is very slow


      Well, hello everybody. Probably not the first subject with the word 'slow' in it, but I could not find a similar problem. So this might be a good challenge for you guys!


      I have an HP Envy Notebook with i7 65000cpu processor and 8gb Ram. Usually sufficient for Photoshop, Lightroom and Bridge. But for some reason it takes 20 seconds to open a photo from lightroom or bridge in Photoshop. Also working on the photo's in Photoshop is no real joy. When photo's load in Photoshop, you can see it being build up. And that is only when I open one photo.I tried all the tips given bij Adobe: updating drivers form nVidia, setting the cachelevels to 4. I ran antispyware programs, anti-malware programs but nothing comes up. Other programs work fine, it is just PS/LR and Bridge.


      I sincerely hope one of you can help me out here.


      Thanks in advance!