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    CS5 Design Premium InDesign font problem

    Michael Costabile

      I am running InDesign CS5 Design Premium on MAC OSX 10.12.6.  I have installed the available update using the Terminal option.


      When I select the text tool - the Myanmar font is shown by default.  When I click the dropdown to get the list of available fonts, I get a list of grey lines with no entries in them. If I keep clicking the dropdown icon, the font changes to the next one.  If I type Calibri in the font list box, it selects Calibri.


      It therefore appears that the fonts are there to select, but they don't populate in the dropdown list.


      I have tried deleting the fontlist file and allowed it to recreate - it gives me the following information:


      %!Adobe-FontList 1.13












      Note, when using Photoshop, I get a list of fonts, so this appears to be specific to the InDesign application.Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 09.39.01.png


      Attached is a screenshot of the dropdown issue.  Some help would be appreciated.