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    Multiplatform Issues


      My code that I have set up is running on Android, but does not work correctly on a web browser, and when I try to download it onto an iPhone, it says "Unable to download archive from the server.  Please enter a valid url to connect to." after a long wait. 

      I'm using Framework7, and through that I am using html and javascript.

      What can I do to fix this issue?

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          kerrishotts Adobe Employee

          Are you using the PhoneGap Developer App? In conjunction with PhoneGap Desktop App or PhoneGap CLI (using "serve")?

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            KeepersIntern Level 1

            I'm using PhoneGap Desktop to host the server for the app I made, which I open with the PhoneGap Developer App on my phone.  As far as I'm aware that's how I'm supposed to do it.  Is there something I'm missing?  To be clear, on a web browser, the app opens but the buttons don't work.  What should I do to fix this? 

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              KeepersIntern Level 1

              As an additional point, I'm trying to access information that I'm pulling from a google sheet and load it into my app.  While hosting a local server, I can access the information, but once it is on the app, it will no longer work on either Android or web browser (I have yet to test it on iOS).  Is there any way I can fix this issue?  I can show my code if necessary. 

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                kerrishotts Adobe Employee

                Without seeing code & any error messages that may be being logged, it's hard to help.


                Side note: although the PG Developer App is great for iterating quickly, it's not a perfect representation of how your app will run on its own. Try building your app using either PGB or the CLI and see if it has the same issues.